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Same Shit, Different Day

The image above describes my feeling often as I contemplate getting out of bed in the mornings.
Last few days have been a whirlwind! I attempted to instal a new wifi thermostat and encountered significant problems. It turned out that it had shipped with incorrect default settings. I will have to wait till spring to determine whether it damaged my A/C compressor which ran for a couple of hours at the same time that the furnace was running! Next, my medical marijuana prescription expired and getting it renewed was horrendous (took 10 days). I also had a fitting for custom compression socks and came away with a single pair to trial. Cost: $175!!! Next, the technician who came to fix my airline-damaged scooter took 2 hours to fix a broken switch and probably did more damage than good.
Even though I have come off the dexamethasone, my leg strength has not returned. On a positive note, my weight is slowly returning to normal and although still slightly swollen, much to my wife’s relief, I can now wear my wedding band!
You might think that immobile as I am, that I represent no threat where the opposite sex is concerned. However, I find my new scooter attracts attention like a Ferrari and I can chase after them at 12mph! 😉