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Walk to end als – Ottawa

We NEED your help: Join the Fight to end ALS

The Ottawa Walk to End ALS for 2019 will take place on Saturday, June 8th at 11 AM (registration starts at 10 AM) at the War Museum in Ottawa. This is the central fundraising event for the ALS Society of Canada in Ottawa for this year.

My Personal ALS Story

You can read all about my personal journey with PMA/MND/ALS elsewhere on this site. I will just say here that I would be a lot worse off without the ALS Clinic and the services provided by the ALS Society. For me alone, in the last year, they have provided $3,000+ of equipment that was not funded elsewhere, helping to relieve some of the financial burdens of this crippling disease. Although I have been diagnosed with PMA, which in many jurisdictions is NOT considered to be ALS, we are fortunate that here in Canada, the ALS Society covers ALL patients with ALL varieties of Motor Neuron Disease.

Why MUST you help?

Unlike many mainstream diseases like Cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer’s, etc., ALS receives little to no public funding. According to the ALS Canada Website, “There are no significant sources of Canadian ALS research funding other than ALS Canada!” Since 2014, starting with the Ice Bucket Challenge, the Society has invested more than $20 million to fund research in addition to all equipment provided free of charge to ALS patients locally through the ALS Loan Cupboards. Without your support, this critical source of funding will dry up.

How Can You Help?

walk to end als
Join our Team!
  1. Join our team, come out and walk with us and raise some funds. Last year was my first Walk to End ALS. On my own, I managed to raise almost $2,500 for the cause. Imagine how much more we could do together. I have set our team goal at $3,000 but with YOUR participation, we could do even more! You can join the team PMA RoyALS here. Both Dorothy and I would love to have you join us!
  2. Make a Personal Donation. walk to end alsLast year, the average donation was around $35. Even if you can only afford $20, every little helps and you will be supporting the local ALS Community. ALS and other Motor Neuron Diseases are EXTREMELY costly. Aside from medical expenses that are covered by OHIP and equipment supplied by the ALS Society, I have calculated that we personally have spent in excess of $25,000  in the last year alone. As the disease progresses, the expenses will become even more onerous. You can make a contribution by clicking above or using the following link
  3. Help Spread the Word Even if you cannot join us personally, you can help spread the word by sharing this post or by simply telling your friends and co-workers and getting others involved. Many of the ALS patients both locally and nationwide NEED your help because they are physically unable to help themselves.