Rabeprazole - Pariet


Rabeprazole – a Proton Pump Inhibitor for Acid Reflux

Rabeprazole,  also known as Pariet, is a PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitor) that is designed to reduce stomach acid production. It is generally considered relatively safe with few side-effects for the majority of patients. You can get a full review of the risk-benefit spectrum of Rabeprazole – Pariet  here

You evaluated Rabeprazole

Feb 28 2018
  • StartedNov 26, 2017
  • Dosage20 mg Daily
  • Effectiveness Major (for acid reflux)
  • Side effects None
  • Adherence Sometimes
  • Burden Not at all hard to take
  • Cost< $25 monthly
  • Advice & Tips: I have been on this for a few years now and only needed to take it for a couple of days for it to work. Now with all the supplements I take, acid reflux is more of a problem and I am taking this regularly. When I stop for more than a couple of days the problem resurfaces.

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