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PMA Facebook Group Update

PMA Facebook Group Update

PMA Facebook Group Update

Since we have now grown to almost 90 members, I thought that it was about time for a PMA Facebook Group Update. This group was founded just over a year ago and I am happy with its growth, even if participation has been a little spotty. Nevertheless, I hope that it has been of help to some of our members. Progressive Muscular Atrophy is a relatively small subset of Motor Neuron Disease in general and ALS in particular.

The group grew from the need for a place where questions and problems specific to PMA sufferers could be discussed. To date, we have kept the meeting private meaning that information found or discussed in the group cannot be seen or searched by non-members. Unless members decide otherwise, we will keep it that way.

New Chatroom Meeting

A few months back, we implemented a Zoom Chatroom meeting and held a few sessions. Back then, we only had about 30+ members and attendance was spotty and usually the same individuals. We were never sure whether the lack of attendance was due to lack of widespread notification, reticence to use Zoom or general lack of interest?!

In any event, now that Facebook has opened its own video/chat sessions within its groups, we have set up a new chatroom which can be accessed group  members only:

Our inaugural meeting will take place on Monday July 12th at 3PM EST. Of course, all members are welcome. It has been added to the schedule.

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