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An Ode to PLM

I have been a member on PLM (PatientsLikeMe) now for over 15 months and it has been a great help in getting me out of the doldrums whenever I feel myself start to sink into negative thoughts. I have made friends and gained a lot of helpful information as well as a new perspective Hence this Ode to PLM.
I thought that the following might help others find some solace when things get bad:

So you’ve been diagnosed and just joined our group,
MND, ALS, PLS, PMA it’s all just a bunch of alphabet soup

PLM is the place where you’ll find lots of friends
All in the same boat, all with the same ends

It’s not a death sentence as much as they say,
Your attitude can lessen the price that you pay!

Can’t promise you’ll get better but you won’t be alone
Now you’ve found your way here, you’ve a home of your own!

So make it your decision: be up and not down
For in spite of this sickness, beauty abounds! 🖖

You can join us on PLM Here